The Steamvault Instance Strategy in World of Warcraft

The Steamvault Instance Strategy in World of Warcraft

The Steamvault is a level 67-70 instance in Coilfang reservoir. This is also the only instance a player can use to reach exalted with the Cenarion Expedition on normal or heroic setting, so it is important to know how to beat it. Here’s how.

Hydromancer Thespia

The first boss in Steamvault is Hydromancer Thespia. She is a Naga with two adds and three different spells, of which all are nature damage.

The first is spell she will use is Lighting Cloud. This is an area of effect, or AoE, spell that does 1500-2000 damage per second to any inside it. Players must get out of it as soon as they can to avoid death.

Another spell she uses is Enveloping Winds. Hydromancer Thespia will target one random person in the party and cast this on them to will stun them for six seconds. It is a debuff and can be dispelled so players do not get caught in her lighting cloud.

The last spell she will use is a debuff called Dispelable that does 500 damage every 2 seconds. Hydromancer Thespia’s two adds have very little hit points, but have the spell Frostbolt Volley, which casts frostbolts at every one in he party.

To start the fight have the tank grab aggro on Hydromancer Thespia and one of the adds while the other is burned down by the party. Then, kill the second add and then Thespia.

Mekgineer Steamrigger

The second boss in the Steamvault is Mekgineer Steamrigger. He has three ability’s that will affect the party:

· Super Shrink Ray- This reduces the targets damage by 35% with a chance to back fire.
· Electrified Net- This is a net thrown over the player much like the one tailors can make. It keeps players from moving around while dealing 500 damage to the player.
· Saw Blade- Mekgineer Steamrigger throws out a saw blade that will hit everyone in range, giving them 1500-2500 damage.

To start the fight, have the tank grab aggro Mekgineer Steamrigger and have the DPS go to work. Once his health drops to 25% health, he will summon three to five adds to heal him. These can be picked up by using Thunder Clap, Consecration, or any skill that hits multiple targets and must be burned down immediately. Once the adds are damaged, they will stop healing and attack the player that hit them. When all of the adds are dead, continue doing damage to Mekgineer Steamrigger until he is dead.

Warlord Kalithresh

The third and last boss is Warlord Kalithresh. This fight can be very difficult. Have the tank aggro him near a container while the party starts DPS on him. When Warlord Kalithresh starts channeling one of the containers, destroy it before he gets the spell off or he will receive his warlords rage buff. This is a buff he places on himself that increases damage done by 75% and attack speed by 70%. This buff is not dispellable.

Once the container is dead, continue to kill Warlord Kalithresh and repeat this process until he is dead.

If you’re still struggling with getting your character to the level cap, you may want to read the Idemise guide.

RRoD Permanent Fix – 2 Great Tips to Get Your XBOX RRoD Fixed Permanently

RRoD Permanent Fix – 2 Great Tips to Get Your XBOX RRoD Fixed Permanently!

So why are so many XBOX 360 owners looking for an RRoD permanent fix? The reason is simple: so many consoles are failing because of the Red Ring of Death that gamers are trying to save money by fixing their consoles by themselves. The unfortunate fact is that sending your system back to Microsoft costs an arm and a leg, so fixing your XBOX360 yourself is a great solution. However, too much information available online is simply junk. My hope is that the two following tips can help you to avoid the junk, and find a real RRoD permanent fix.

WHAT NOT TO DO – The most important thing you need to know is to avoid tutorials posted on YouTube and forums. It’s true that most of the gamers posting this information are good intentioned, but their repair ideas are usually temporary fixes, and sometimes even dangerous. Some examples are the “towel trick”, leaving your XBOX 360 outside in the freezing winter weather, and even soaking your console in a bathtub full of a vinegar solution. These free tutorials range from simply ineffective to downright insane. Your console is already in need of repair; you don’t want to destroy it or injure yourself in the process. Thankfully, there’s a great way to get an RRoD permanent fix.

WHAT TO DO – Grab an inexpensive XBOX 360 repair guide compiled by electronics professionals who have experience in the video game industry. It’s true that it will cost you a few dollars but it’s a fraction of what you would pay to have your console fixed by Microsoft. Get a guide that’s instantly downloadable, contains color photos, video instructions, and a web-based member’s area that constantly updates its information. Professionally prepared repair will allow you to do an RRoD permanent fix yourself, and be playing your XBOX 360 within an hour in most cases, all for less than the cost of a single game.

Due to the fact that I’m not an electronics pro and that I didn’t want to spend over $200 to get my console fixed, I searched high and low on the web looking for a way to fix it myself. I purchased the most reputable RRoD permanent fix guide I could find. It tons of positive customer reviews and testimonials, and I was able to fix my XBOX 360 permanently using its information. It’s been over 6 months now, and my console is running in top form with no problems.

Wii Games For Ages 3-5

Wii Games For Ages 3-5

The first thing we would like to point out is that we are not advocating breaking copyright laws! Best Wii Tools Click here This article is intended to show you how you can make backup copies of games that you already own – something which is completely legal.

Almost everyone has burned a CD on their computer before. Nowadays the program you need to burn CDs is automatically included with nearly every computer system you purchase.

This type of burning software will not let you copy xbox 360 games. There are special “copyright protection” guards that are placed on the game discs that prevent these programs from being able to copy them.

However, there are companies that have built programs that are able to bypass the guards on video game discs. You are then able to copy any game simply by using a cd burner on your computer.

The programs are extremely simple to use and works on any PC that has a burner.

Wii Games For Ages 3-5

To start, you insert the xbox 360 game into the computer and the software will make an “image” of the disc on your hard drive. Then you insert a blank disc and the software will copy the game for you.

It’s important to point out that this program can also make copies of other games such as games for the Nintendo Wii, the first xbox, PS3 or PS2 and all the other systems that use game discs.

Figuring out how to use this software is very simple once you get used to it . The better software out there will come along with full instructions on using the program so you can start using it immediately.

Backup Wii Games Step by Step Guide Click here